Budapest is the place to be, if you want a weekend away with friends. There are a lot of clubs and bars where you can drink something and above all; it is cheap. Szimpla Kert is a must, it has a hippy-like vibe. There are many young people of various nationalities. Fogas Haz should definitely not be missed. It is one of the most famous ruin bars in Budapest. There’s a large attractive garden where you can dance, especially in the summer it is great because you can dance ing in the sun.

Gozsdu Udvar is a nice and cozy little street which is partly covered full of restaurants and bars (it is full of restaurants of partly covered with restaurants) . Spiler Orginal and Spiler Shanghai are recommended for the cocktails, the food and above all the good vibe.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful view over Budapest and the Donau than you should definitely walk the Gellértberg.