Final exam

Concept & Graphic/Product Design

For Douwe Egberts I developed an exclusive tea line based on men between 25-35 years. The conscious man. Tea has a feminine image, but men also have to be able to identify with tea.

The tea line that has been developed consists five different flavors, lapsang souchang, black,- green,- white and oolong tea.

The pouch bags are filled with premium loose tea leaves and have a robust taste. The tea is combined with five different herbs (walnut, turmeric, blackberry, dew and ginger) that have a beneficial effect on the body. The ingredients of the tea came about because research showed that men live shorter than women and have an increased risk of, among other things, cardiovascular diseases, (prostate) cancer and diabetes.

For the ‘cold tea’ lovers there is an ice tea line developed with the same flavors as the pouch bags. Varying with or without carbon dioxide.

This concept originated from the prognosis medicalization. We are becoming more aware. Want to eat more and more healthier, pure nature without additional additives. We are going to see our food more and more as a medicine and get the strength from mother nature. The tea can is made of recyclable cardboard, the bottom is made of metal and the cover of plastic. All items are produced in a sustainable manner. The tea can has a tough but tight look. On the pouch bags is a logo with the herbs of the tea. That logo can also be seen on the ice tea bottles, which is made of recyclable glass.

I chose the Douwe Egberts brand because it is a strong brand. They have existed since 1753 and stand for quality and sustainability. ‘Their ambition is also: to make the daily moments more valuable to the consumer with the most delicious coffee and tea. We know better than anyone how valuable coffee and tea are for people and entrepreneurs during the day. A nice start of the day, a moment of rest, a moment with each other, a moment of pampering .. ‘

The space that has been developed for the concept is a small stand / bar. What can be placed at stations or in the supermarket to promote the product line. Robust tough look. There are 3 oil barrels in the room, 1 where tea is put on coal and 2 where the ice tea is cooled. Material steel, concrete, wood. There are also two chairs where the tea can be consumed. The products can also be purchased here.


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